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The nuget Fabulous.XamarinForms.Maps implements an extension for the types Map and Pin.
To use Fabulous.XamarinForms.Maps, you must
  1. 1.
    Add a reference to Fabulous.XamarinForms.Maps across your whole solution.
  2. 2.
    Additionally follow the instructions to initialize Xamarin.Forms Maps. For example, on Android you must enable Google Play servies, add a call to Xamarin.FormsMaps.Init(this, bundle) to MainActivity.fs and add both and API key and uses-permission to AndroidManifest.xml.
After these steps you can use maps in your view function as follows:
open Xamarin.Forms.Maps
open Fabulous.XamarinForms
View.Map(hasZoomEnabled = true, hasScrollEnabled = true)
Next, a map with requested region around Timbuktu:
let timbuktu = Position(16.7666, -3.0026)
View.Map(hasZoomEnabled = true, hasScrollEnabled = true,
requestedRegion = MapSpan.FromCenterAndRadius(timbuktu, Distance.FromKilometers(1.0)))
Next, a map with two pins for Paris and London:
let paris = Position(48.8566, 2.3522)
let london = Position(51.5074, -0.1278)
let calais = Position(50.9513, 1.8587)
View.Map(hasZoomEnabled = true, hasScrollEnabled = true,
pins = [ View.Pin(paris, label="Paris", pinType = PinType.Place)
View.Pin(london, label="London", pinType = PinType.Place) ],
requestedRegion = MapSpan.FromCenterAndRadius(calais, Distance.FromKilometers(300.0)))