Inheritance: Element -> NavigableElement -> VisualElement -> View -> Layout -> TemplatedView
Xamarin.Forms documentation: RadioButton API / Guide

For details on how the control actually works, please refer to the Xamarin.Forms documentation.


RadioButton(isChecked: bool, onChecked: bool -> ‘msg)Define a default RadioButton widget with the checked state
RadioButton(content: string, isChecked: bool, onChecked: bool -> ‘msg)Define a RadioButton widget with a text and the checked state


borderColor(light: FabColor, ?dark: FabColor)Sets the border color depending if light or dark mode
groupName(value: string)Sets the group name
borderWidth(value: float)Sets the border width
characterSpacing(spacing: float)Sets the character spacing
cornerRadius(value: float)Sets the corner radius
font(?size: float, ?namedSize: NamedSize, ?attributes: FontAttributes, ?fontFamily: string)Sets the font
textColor(light: FabColor, ?dark: FabColor)Sets the text color
textTransform(value: TextTransform)Sets the transformation for the text
reference(value: ViewRef<RadioButton>)Sets a ViewRef instance to retrieve the Xamarin.Forms.RadioButton instance associated to this widget


RadioButton(model.IsChecked, CheckedChangedMsg)
    .progressColor(Color.Red.ToFabColor(), dark = Color.Blue.ToFabColor())
    .borderColor(Color.Red.ToFabColor(), dark = Color.Blue.ToFabColor())  
RadioButton("Cat", model.IsChecked, CheckedChangedMsg)
    .font(namedSize = NamedSize.Large, fontFamily = "Arial", attributes = FontAttributes.Bold)
    .textColor(Color.Red.ToFabColor(), dark = Color.Blue.ToFabColor()) 

Get access to the underlying Xamarin.Forms.RadioButton

let radioButtonRef = ViewRef<RadioButton>()

RadioButton(model.IsChecked, CheckedChangedMsg)