The MediaManager plugin allow to play audio and video with Xamarin. Using this VideoManager, you can create a dedicated view to render a video in your fabulous application.

MediaManager has been created by Martijn van Dijk and its original project can be found on its github repository.

The nuget Fabulous.XamarinForms.VideoManager implements a view component for the type VideoView.

To use Fabulous.XamarinForms.VideoView, you must

  1. Add a reference to Plugin.MediaManager and Plugin.MediaManager.Forms across your whole solution. This will add appropriate references to your platform-specific Android and iOS projects too.

  2. Next add a reference to Fabulous.XamarinForms.VideoManager across your whole solution.

After these steps you can use VideoView in your view function. Here is a simple example of using VideoView to display a video player of Big Buck Bunny:

open Fabulous.XamarinForms

  source = "",
  showControls = false,
  heightRequest = 500.,
  widthRequest = 200.)


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