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Tawasal is a secure multi-purpose messenger and superapp, offering free voice, text, videoconferencing and lifestyle services to clients around the world. Tawasal introduces a full suite of exciting features with something for everyone, from live sports, text, broadcasts and giveaways, to payments and news services.

Why they chose Fabulous?

Our team at Tawasal was looking for cross platform solution that was stable & supported. When we started looking into what Xamarin has to offer, we came across Fabulous - and due to usage of modern & reactive MVU pattern, as well as the ability to build basically anything using native Xamarin.iOS / Xamarin.Android bindings (using less code & functional approach with F#), while still maintaining a large shared codebase our choice was surely Fabulous.

Screenshot of the chat interface of Tawasal     Screenshot of the result of a football match in Tawasal