Fabulous for Xamarin.Forms

Never write a ViewModel class again! Conquer the world with clean dynamic UIs!

This library allows you to combine the power of functional programming and the simple Model-View-Update architecture to build any kind of mobile and desktop applications with an expressive, dynamic and clean UI DSL. Go cross-platform and target iOS, Android, Mac, WPF and more!

Fabulous for Xamarin.Forms is build on Fabulous, which aims to provide all the tools to let you create your own mobile and desktop apps using only F# and the Model-View-Update architecture (shorten to MVU), with a great F# DSL for building dynamic UIs. The combination of F# and MVU makes for a great development experience.

The amount of code I’m not writing is great! @jimbobbennett

This guide augments the primary Xamarin.Forms documentation with information specific to the Fabulous programming model. For detailed guides to different parts of the library, please visit the respective pages via the links below:

NOTE: A comprehensive guide to Xamarin.Forms programming is available for free in the Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms ebook. The book deals with C# MVVM programming but many details are relevant here.